Finally: a video from the M2 version of D2!

Finally: a video from the M2 version of D2!

We can’t thanks enough Games That Weren’t for the wonderful work that they are doing in archiving media from the various M2 unseen: this time in their Youtube Channel we can take a look at the M2 version of D2 in motion!

In the description they say: “In-game footage of an early alpha version (more a tech demo) of D2 for 3DO M2. Shown are some effects, debugging stuff, and a walk around the small part of the castle that did exist back then. Tape-recorded in late 1996, no collision or gameplay elements were implemented at that time. All credits go to GammaDev for capturing and providing the video.”

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One thought on “Finally: a video from the M2 version of D2!

  1. Ross Sillifant

    Kenji Eno told Edge that when the M2 project was canned, Warp considered releasing D2 on the N64, but it’s position was’nt good in Japan.

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