Half Life: a series of beta videos

Half Life: a series of beta videos

Thanks to Youtube, beta-geeks and lovers of Half Life can take a look at some interesting videos with scenes that were changed or removed trough the development of this game. Here is a collection of these YT movies, where we can see some early builds of the game, with the original Quake 2 3D engine, removed enemies and deleted scenes.

For more informations and screens from the beta version of Half Life, you can check the HL page in the Unseen Archive.

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One thought on “Half Life: a series of beta videos

  1. Dan

    Cool, I didn’t know these existed! Kickass site too, I’m glad I stumbled on it.

    BTW, GoldSrc is a heavily modified QuakeWorld engine with some changes from Q2, but it was not the base.

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