beatmaniaIIDX16 – Empress [Public beta/location test]

beatmaniaIIDX16 – Empress [Public beta/location test]

As Bemani (music games by Konami) fan I felt like had to post this [: A new version of beatmaniaIIDX awaits us again and the public beta (better known as location test) is starting today! Millions of fans in japan and all over the world are gathering in Tokyo to be there at the exclusive 5 day beta testing in public.

If you are interested in reading further, the rest of the story is after the jump! : D

For people who are not familiar with beatmaniaIIDX, it is the most popular version of it’s franchise and probably the most popular game all over the world in music game history. These games are released on arcade machines and on the PS2. The difference about the 2 is that the arcade version contains the newest songs and has most of the songs from past games to. The PS2 version (the home version) has only the songs from the game being released and is always about 2 games behind the arcade version (like if the arcade version is at part 16, the console verison would have part 14) which is to keep people playing in the arcades. The gameplay is somewhat like Guitar Hero (and god no, this game is no ripoff from Guitar Hero, it’s vice versa). Ok, enough history and cultural talk, let’s move to the main attraction.

For most people it was shocking to find the whole new theme in pink (lol) because beatmaniaIIDX has always been sort of dark-ish and cool-ish. This time the theme would appear… very girly yes! What I personally think is that it’s odd in the first place, but if you see it running it will be awesome as hell again like they always have!

All arcades (just 2 lol) receive a booklet about how to operate the game and a nice new banner. Images of those are in the gallery down here.

Location test info:
1 arcade in Tokyo and 1 in Osaka will participate. For more information on the locations, if you feel the urge to go and test the game (yes its free play lol) more info is here:

The partially known tracklist is here:
(this might be not very useful if you’re not interested in the game at all lol)

[GENRE] Artist – Song name – BPM – SinglePlay [Normal Level/Hyper Level] – DoublePlay [Normal Level/Hyper Level]

[RECKLESS RAVE] よしたかマイケル – B4U (BEMANI FOR YOU MIX) – 170bpm SP[N6/H11] DP[N7/H11]
[HAPPY☆JIG] S.S.D. FANTASICA with ななっち – BRIDAL FESTIVAL!!! – 160bpm SP[N4/H7] DP[N5/H8]
[DREAM TRANCE] Sota Fujimori – Fly Above – 150bpm SP[N5/H6] DP[N5/H8]
[???] DJ Mass MAD ism – naughty girl@queens palace – ???bpm SP[N?/H?] DP[N5/H8]
[???] 星野奏�*� feat.上野�*市 – Punch Love 仮面 – 172bpm SP[N5/H8] DP[N6/H9]
[BIG BEAT] 猫叉Master+ – Queen’s tragedy – 152bpm SP[N4/H8] DP[N4/H8]
[TECH PARA] good-cool ft. CHiCO – secrets – 150bpm SP[N6/H9/A11] DP[N5/H9]
[CANDY RAVE] kors k – smooooch・∀・ – 177bpm SP[N4/H8] DP[N5/H8]
[UK HARDCORE] kors k – THE SHINING POLARIS (kors k mix) – 172bpm SP[N5/H8] DP[N6/H7]
[ELEMENTAL CHANT] Zektbach – Turill -PENTA RHEI- – 148bpm SP[N4/H9] DP[N4/H8]
[PROGRESSIVE] TAKA – V2 – 150bpm SP[N6/H11] DP[N5/H10]
[???] Seiya Murai – 鉄甲乙女 -under the steel- – 160bpm SP[N4/H7] DP[N5/H9]
[DRAGON’BASS] IDEA NOTE – アタック No.3 – 170bpm SP[N5/H7] DP[N6/H9]
[J-DANCE POP] HHH+H – まほろば – 149bpm SP[N5/H7] DP[N5/H8]
[POP TECHNO] Dr.Honda – ミッドナイト�*�天使 – 150bpm SP[N5/H7] DP[N5/H8]

I also have some info about removed songs that were still in the previous game.

3rd [3] IS THIS LOVE? – never let you down - Sense
4th [2] Nasty! - JIVE INTO THE NIGHT
5th [1] Time is money
6th [1] Freestyle
7th [3] 2002 - Spooky – Secret Tale
8th [1] Blown My Heart Away
9th [3] CHARLOTTE - ECHOES - �*和企�*戦士荒山課長
10th [2] CARRY ON NIGHT - Smell Like This
RED [3] Fly Away To India - awakening - INJECTION OF LOVE
DD [5] Tonight? - Crazy K.I.N.O. - tiger yamato - Ubiquitous Fantastic Ride - Winning Eleven9 Theme
GOLD [3] GHOSTBUSTERS – Red Rocket Rising – Come On

Other details about the beta testing:

  • SMOOOOCH ・∀・ is being called “SigSig 2”. Very upbeat, happy song.
  • V2 is basically V -Conclusion- from milestone.
  • B4U (BEMANI FOR YOU MIX) is said to be extremely hard on hyper, with constant jackhammers and a generally cruel note pattern.
  • Fly Above is very easy.
  • Turill -PENTA RHEI- is said to be hard but constant on Hyper. A fun chart.
  • ALL I NEED YOUR LOVE is more remensicent of Hard Dance. Features a rap sample in the middle and female vocals towards the end.
  • Secrets is difficult for a 9. Most players say it should be a 10.
  • MY FUTURE is much like typical PINK PONG.

Source: bemanistyle

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