Lunar II: Eternal Blue original concept

Lunar II: Eternal Blue original concept

Kid Fenris has recenlty scanned Softbank’s Lunar I and II artbook, where we can see some of the original concept for the characters that were meant to be in the second game. As KidF says in his site: “Lunar II […] abandoned most of the original Lunar’s characters in the process. That wasn’t always the plan. GameArts’ original ideas for Lunar II: Eternal Blue called for the main cast from Lunar: The Silver Star to return, older and perhaps as supporting characters. That’s what some early concept illustrations from Softbank’s Lunar I and II artbook shows, anyway.”


“Alex, the hero, was a kid with a harp and a fur hat in the first game. For the second, he became a lumberjack and grew one hell of a mullet, while his passive love interest, Luna, started wearing makeup.” You can read more infos and see more scans at Props to Kid Fenris for this find!

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