IGN talks about Sonic X-treme

IGN talks about Sonic X-treme

About a week ago, IGN has published a nice article about the development and the cancellation of Sonic Xtreme: “Under names like Super Sonic, Sonic Blast, Sonic Bluestreak, and half-dozen others, SEGA toiled away on countless concepts and prototypes on at least four different platforms. Up until the bitter end, SEGA had two teams working separately on completely different concepts, each competing to be the “real” Sonic X-Treme.”


“The project began, predictably enough, after the completion of Sonic & Knuckles in late 1994. The fourth game in the flagship Genesis series was a success, but SEGA was looking to push their mascot in a new direction — it just wasn’t sure what that direction was. Like a good fisherman, SEGA kept several lines in the water. There was the experimental multiplayer Sonic Crackers, eventually to become Knuckles Chaotix; there was the nebulous next-gen reimagining that was X-Treme; and eventually, there was their backup plan, the outsourced Sonic 3D Blast.”

“The public didn’t get to see much of the project’s earliest days. SEGA Technical Institute, the US-based team behind most of Sonic’s Genesis games, was assigned the weighty task. Everyone knew that the next Sonic would have to be a step in a different direction, but there was a lot of uncertainty about what that direction would be. The title was first pitched as another Genesis side-scroller, but was soon moved to the 32X, under the codename “Sonic Mars.”

We are happy when “traditional” gaming websites decide to talk about lost games, so props to them! You can read the full article in here: Sonic X-Treme Revisited @ IGN

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