The development of Grand Theft Auto 3D

The development of Grand Theft Auto 3D

Some time ago, IGN made an interesting article about the history of Grand Theft Auto and in one of the chapters, there are some informations about the development of the first 3D version of the game: “Bringing GTA into the present tense hit its first roadblock when the DMA crew pulled Body Harvest’s 3D code off the shelf and found it’d aged badly. Building a whole new engine from scratch didn’t fit the schedule. Renting one did.”


“Instead of licensing a proprietary game engine, they became one of the first developers to use generic third-party middleware. Renderware scaled fast. A basic Liberty City was up by summer 2000, and a nameless anti-hero – only referred to as “Claude” in a few obscure lines of code – could boost cars and drive around in it. New elements popped in every month. Weather changed. Day and night marked the time. Some jacked drivers fought back. Stealing the right car opened up bonus missions. Multiplayer got a carry-over from London 1961 and was dropped before the design strayed.”


“Aircraft-based missions, a GTA first, were curtailed. School kids and elderly pedestrians pushing walkers vanished off the sidewalks. Missions doled out by homeless anarchist Darkel got the chop; only his ice cream truck-bomb job survived, transferred to El Burro with the targets switched from cops to rival gangsters.”

You can read the full story in here. For more screens from the beta version of GTA3, check our archive: GTA 3 Beta / Tech Demo

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