Seaman [PC – Unreleased?]

Seaman [PC – Unreleased?]

On IGN we read that a PC version of Seaman was in development some years ago, but it looks like it was never released: “The PC version of the game was announced by Vivarium founder Yoot Saito today at a conference in Japan. It’s entitled Seaman for Windows Ver. 1.0 and will be available in the 1st quarter of 2001. Seaman on the PC will be completely different from his DC brethren. It’s not a game, says Mr. Saito — rather, it’s a communication tool and a pet for your desktop. As shown in the screen shots, which have been taken from Japan’s PC Watch website, the virtual fish exists on your desktop, rather than in an aquarium. Seaman is automatically launched when you turn on your computer, and resides in memory, running in the background, swimming around on screen… hopefully behind your application windows. Seaman is still drawn in 3D, but he’s kept tiny so as to not interfere with your other work.”

“Seaman will speak to you in the background, although the “tempo” is described as slower than that of the Dreamcast game. The reason for this change of pacing has to do with the style of delivery. You’re not just sitting down to play this version of Seaman, as you would be doing with the Dreamcast version. It seems that on the PC, Seaman will have more on-air-time, and will throughout most of that time remain in the background and allow you to get on with your life.”

“Additionally, Seaman will make use of his voice to facilitate your normal PC tasks. E-mail and chat feature will allow you to send Seaman attachments and messages to friends. The receiving party will be able to decode the message, assuming he has the Seaman software as well. Seaman will read your schedule book to you — don’t expect a straight forward reading, though.”

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4 thoughts on “Seaman [PC – Unreleased?]

  1. Jacob

    Fella on AssemblerGames, HI_Ricky, has it and posted a photo of the CD and booklet, but they haven’t posted a dump of the disc and I don’t seem to be able to PM them.

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