RS Links: Baldur’s Gate II beta content restored

RS Links: Baldur’s Gate II beta content restored

Robert Seddon has found some interesting beta-related links: in one of these, there is a mod for Baldur’s Gate II, that tries to “restore many of the cut items, quests, and encounters from the game’s final release”. Trouble is – as Robert says – it also tries to add new stuff to ‘tie up loose ends’ in the plot, and it’s sometimes slightly unclear from the notes what was Bioware’s and what was added by the modders. You can check this mod by yourself if you follow these links:

Some of the restored stuff should be:

  • The Suna Seni/Valygar Relationship Restoration
  • Kalah and What He Was Promised, by Andyr
  • Restored Crooked Crane
  • Restored Encounters
  • Restored Hell Minions, by SimDing0
  • Item Restorations
  • Yoshimo’s Original Portrait
  • Anomen’s Original Portrait
  • NPC Portrait Restorations
  • Restored Minor Dialogs
  • Restored Bhaalspawn Powers, by David Gaider
  • Throne of Bhaal Minor Restorations


Probably if you are interested in this project, you know Baldur’s Gate II better than us, and so you will not be too much confused between restored beta stuff and new added content. Even if we are a bit lost about this, we are always happy when we see sexy geeks like these, that try to explore and restore cutted games. Huge props to them and thanks to Robert for the link!

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