Viva Pinata DS loses the 360 connection

Viva Pinata DS loses the 360 connection

Wasnt MTV one of those TV channels about music? Does television still exist out there? I’m not sure, but it seems that MTV has a blog about videogames too. Music games maybe? Anyway, they have some interesting info about a removed connection between Viva Pinata DS and the Xbox 360 version: “Rare just announced this month that a version of “Viva Pinata” for the DS has just been completed. The “VP” game on the DS seems like the perfect agent to sell the series to those Nintendo kids. And now, with this camera feature in the 360 sequel, Microsoft has a way to connect DS “Pinata” gamers to Xbox 360s, for actual gameplay incentives. Very crafty. So, thinking I’d figured it all out, I asked Cook: Is “Viva Pinata DS” going to connect to the new “Viva Pinata” on the Xbox 360? – “We got it to work, but it was too late in the development cycle,” Cook said, presumably talking about the cycle of the DS game. If only they’d thought of it sooner, he laughed. “It’s one of those things where you just kick yourself.”

You can read the original article in here

A connectivity option could have been nice for this kind of game..


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