More info on 007 Goldeneye for SNES

More info on 007 Goldeneye for SNES

Another NP scan with some more info about the 007 Goldeneye game for the Super Nintendo, that was in development at RARE. Probably it was just an early concept and the project was soon ported to the Nintendo Ultra 64. Click on it for a bigger version.


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3 thoughts on “More info on 007 Goldeneye for SNES

  1. Robert Seddon

    Mission: Impossible was planned for the SNES, too. (Some concept art was published in a later magazine preview for the N64 game.) It must be a secret agent thing…

  2. Ross Sillifant

    When Nintendo aske Rare if they wanted to do a game based on the film, they initally were’nt that keen, as they were keen to develop their own I.P, but Nintendo pressed them to do it…

    It started out as an on-rails shooter until Rare they figured out a control system that worked…..

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