Welcome to the new Unseen64!

Welcome to the new Unseen64!


Dear beta-geeks, welcome to the new Unseen 64 website! After months of work, we are finally ready to open our new beta-archive and we hope that you will like it :) The original U64 project was born in 2001 from a group of Italian friends, and through 7 years of collecting unseen-stuff, the old site started to be too limited to contain all these gaming relics.. we really had to expand it! The current Unseen 64 archive is composed by 7389 beta-pictures, distributed between 823 games, lots of beta videos and some deeper informations here and there. But it’s useless to continue to bore you with this horribly written introduction, you can just visit the site and see it all by yourself.

We are still in “open beta testing mode” so there are some things that are missing and some things that need to be fixed, but you should already have an idea of the general organization. We are open to all suggestions and critics, so if you want to tell us what you think of the new site, your comments are greatly appreciated! If there is something that you don’t like of the new U64, just write it down and we’ll try to fix it :)

To expand the site even more we are hiring new staff members, so if you want to help Unseen 64 and the idea of joining a bunch of super beta-geeks excite you, this is your great opportunity! Are you a beta addicted? Do you like to write about videogames? Are you a master in finding infos, images or videos through google? Are you a real geek? Then you are welcome to join us! We don’t need perfect English/Italian writing skills, but just lot of passion for beta videogames and a bit of craziness. Just send us an e-mail and we’ll be happy to add you in our unseen crew! We can not pay you, but we are sexy <3

In particular we are searching for:

junior.gifEnglish Jr. Writers: to write small intros (5 / 10 lines), with a little description of the game, the reason of the cancellation or the differences between the beta and the final version.

senior.gifEnglish Senior Writers: to write articles about beta games, with deeper analyze of the development, cancellation or differences. Senior Writers should love videogames and write only about games that they really like.

translator21.gifEnglish Translators: to eventually correct the crazy engrish of the italian staff and translate Italian text into English, with the help of automatic language translators like Babelfish.

researcher.gifUnseen Researchers: to find beta images or videos through google or looking at scans of old videogames magazines. If you are a nice geek that loves videogames, has good eyes and patience, this is your favourite role!

3designer.gif3D Designers: we are trying to find someone that is able to create a simple 3D animated video, with few poligon cont (Saturn / N64 level?) to develop a “secret unseen project”. If you can make 3D videos or know someone that is able to, please send us an e-mail!

There are already some sexy geeks that decided to join the Unseen 64 staff, so we are happy to welcome MAIcrosoft & Sba sb3002 (and a couple of secret ones) to our unseen-crew! And yes, they are English, so there should be less engrish-text in our pages now.. you know, we Italians prefer to sleep or to eat pizza than to learn proper English.

Thanks a lot for your support in all these years!

With love, The Unseen 64 Staff

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