Death Drone (DeathDrome) [PSX – Cancelled, but released on PC]

Death Drone (DeathDrome) [PSX – Cancelled, but released on PC]

Death Drone (final name Death Drome) is a DeathDrome is a 1996 third-person shooter game developed by Zipper Interactive, that was planned to be released for the Playstation. In the end the game was published by Viacom New Media only for PC.

Thanks to Pachuka and Celine for the contributions!


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4 thoughts on “Death Drone (DeathDrome) [PSX – Cancelled, but released on PC]

  1. Celine

    Death Drone
    Platform: PlayStation
    Publisher: Viacom

    The Basics
    The Death Drone story was originally something like this: In the over-populated, crime-ridden future, convicted criminals are given their choice: death or possible fame by playing a death-game. Death Drone would have featured two perspectives as you piloted your vehicles through the open 3D environment that would have allowed you to roam freely instead of sticking to pre-designated tracks. Taking all this and mixing in a variety of realistic physics to base the combat on might have produced a well thought-out title. Or another Twisted Metal clone.

    Viacom was dissolved when Spelling Entertainment realized it had two video game divisions. Spelling folded Viacom into Virgin, which then canceled all working and planned Viacom titles – Death Drone being one of them.

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