Mutant Chronicles: Warzone Online [XBOX / PC – Cancelled]

Mutant Chronicles: Warzone Online [XBOX / PC – Cancelled]

Warzone Online is a cancelled Massively Multiplayer Strategy Game (MMORTS / MMORPG) that was set in the universe of the Mutant Chronicles RPG. The game was scheduled to be released on PC and Xbox, developed by Paradox Entertainment in 2000, but it was officially cancelled in early 2002.

Warzone Online was created on the Valpurgius graphics engine, developed for this game by Paradox. The 3D engine was supposed to be reused in Mutant Chronicles: Warzone, which was to be an offline single player game with the same settings.

The gameplay would have been based on the management of a small squads of soldiers, that would have improved their skills with the progress of the game.


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