Prisoner Of War [XBOX/PS2 – Beta]

Prisoner Of War [XBOX/PS2 – Beta]

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One thought on “Prisoner Of War [XBOX/PS2 – Beta]

  1. InactiveMonkey

    My prisoner of war copy is scratched which, when put into the PS2 console and single player started, it comes up with a Choose Character menu, where all I can see is clouds, and the words choose character, the game then froze and when I proceeded to play the game again my PS2 replied ‘Cannot read disk.’

    This leads me to conclude there is a plethora of beta in the coding of this game, however due to the game being unknown no-one has attempted to look through it.

    If anyone owns this game and knows how to look through it. Please do, and allow the Internet to see what kind of game Prisoner Of War almost was.

    Thank you.

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