Fuel (Everglade Rush) [PC, XBOX – Cancelled]

Fuel (Everglade Rush) [PC, XBOX – Cancelled]

Fuel is a cancelled racing game. This started in 1999 as Everglade Rush from NSD Entertainment which turned into Firetoad Software. They released two Everglade Rush betas before turning it into Fuel which eventually got cancelled. By coincidence Codemasters had their own Fuel come out later.


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3 thoughts on “Fuel (Everglade Rush) [PC, XBOX – Cancelled]

  1. VirtuaIceMan

    This game, Fuel, unrelated to Codemasters title, originally started life as Everglade Rush by Firetoad Software. If you read through The News section from their website, from 1998-2007 you can see how the game was developed, then never finished, then cancelled, and why!

    There’s still an early GeForce3-level graphics tech demo of Everglade Rush out on the net, for example here (currently): http://www.fileplanet.com/57077/50000/fileinfo/Everglade-Rush-Demo-%5Bwith-music%5D

  2. LiqMat

    Expanding on what VirtuaIceMan wrote above, there are actually three beta/tech demos (two are just similar variants) of Everglade Rush. Back when Firetoad Software was still NSD Entertainment they released an early revision public beta of Everglade Rush in 1999 which looked completely different from the later Everglade Rush tech demo in 2001. The 1999 public beta had more of a Nintendo 64 graphics style. The controls are difficult to use, but you can try this very early public beta here >> https://archive.org/download/erbeta/erbeta.exe

    Note: To get this public beta running (tested on a Windows 7 64 system) you will need the 3Dfx wrapper nGlide installed, which you can find here >> http://www.zeus-software.com/downloads/nglide Copy the “OPENGL32.DLL” file from the “3dfx” folder to the main game folder or just double click on the “fix3dfx.bat” file in the main game folder. Click on the “er.exe” game file, wait about five seconds and then double click on it again and the game should run after that. You may have to restart your system after you are done playing this beta as it can leave your system in a lower resolution once you exit the game. It’s a very early beta and quite buggy on a modern computer system. I have not tested it on a vintage Windows 98 system with a 3Dfx card yet. That may produce better results.

    Fast forward to 2001 and another tech demo appears on the scene that VirtuaIceMan links to above. That demo has a music soundtrack included, but there is also a version without the music >> https://www.fileplanet.com/archive/p-34507/Everglade-Rush-Demo-without-music >> Neither version has sound effects in-game. This version was also promoted for using GeForce 3 graphics features on NVidia’s website at the time >> https://web.archive.org/web/20030814051814/http://www.nvidia.com/object/everglade.html

    As Everglade Rush evolved into Fuel, once again the game had a total transformation in looks and style. Here is the E3 2002 Xbox trailer for Dreamcatcher’s/Firetoad’s Fuel title >> https://web.archive.org/web/20031205192128/http://www.firetoads.com/files/fueltrailer_beta2.wmv

    An Xbox prototype of Firetoad’s unreleased Fuel was found >> https://hiddenpalace.org/FUEL_(Aug_26,_2006_prototype)

    Make sure to check out the archived Fuel website where you can still download MP3 music, screenshots, trailers and wallpapers relating to the game. >> https://web.archive.org/web/20061125183139/http://www.dreamcatchergames.com/fuel/down.html

    Last, but not least, there is a great write-up on Firetoad Software, Inc. over @ MobyGames which explains a bit more about the Everglade Rush/Fuel name change. >> https://www.mobygames.com/company/firetoad-software-inc

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