Megaman 7 (Rockman) [SNES – Beta]

Megaman 7 (Rockman) [SNES – Beta]

Rock Man – Mega Man 7 was the third Mega Man game released on the Super Nintendo, and the first Original series game to be released on the system.  The beta version shows that beyond a few graphical changes, little actually playing aspects were changed.

It known that similar to how the opening stage of Mega Man X had a collapsable ground, Mega Man 7 did as well.  However, it was removed for unknown reasons.


Much of the opening stage’s background and ground itself was different in the beta.  The skyline of the city seems to have not be viewable in the background, and the ground was rather dull and brown.  It should also be noted that the dialogue box was much like the X series’, though it was changed in the final version to the comic style dialogue bubble we’ve seen it as today.



The stage selection screen did not change as to regards of only four robot masters being available to be battled at first.  However, the beta version did not actually show you whose stage you were going to.  Perhaps the developers originally wanted you to be surprised by who were you going to battle with?

Thanks a lot to SNES Central for these images!


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4 thoughts on “Megaman 7 (Rockman) [SNES – Beta]

  1. superfun64

    More than likely the pictures in the robot masters select screen were markers to take place for the boss image until they put one in. I bet if you translated the symbols it would say “under construction” or something like that. Just look at the bots in the picture. Makes sense.

  2. biggreenlatino

    I guess they removed the collapsable ground because it could remind people of the Great Hanshin earthquake happened in Japan few months before the game’s release.

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