Æon Flux [PSX – Cancelled]

Æon Flux [PSX – Cancelled]

A game based much closer to the original animated series was announced on April 9, 1996 for the PlayStation and Windows 95. The game, which was loosely based on “The Demiurge” episode, was being developed by Cryo Interactive and published by Viacom New Media. The game first made an appearance at E3 that same year, and commercial advertising was even included in the 1996 VHS release of the animated series.

Viacom New Media would merge with Virgin Interactive midway through the game’s development. The merger would ultimately lead to the cancellation of Viacom’s in-development games and subsequently leave Cryo without the rights to use the Æon Flux property. The game’s assets weren’t lost however, but were reworked into the 1997 title Pax Corpus, having been stripped of all copyrighted association with Æon Flux. Pax Corpus does retain many obvious similarities to the original animated series. Specifically in plot to “The Demiurge” and also in many design details, which bear a striking resemblance to examples found in the show. For instance, the female protagonist of the game wears a purple and black outfit not unlike Æon’s. – [info from Wikipedia]




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