Stunt Driver [GC – Cancelled]

Stunt Driver [GC – Cancelled]

The original Stunt Driver was a racing game released in 1990 for PCs. It allowed the user to create a race track from components such as bridges, banked curves, oil slicks and water hazards, then race on them alone or against computer-controlled opponents. It was unique among racing games at the time for providing a powerful replay feature. [Infos from Wikipedia]

A new Stunt Driver was going to be released for the “Dolphin”, as one of the first games announced for the console later know as the GameCube: it would have had most of the characteristics of its predecessor, with fast arcade races and a powerfull track editor. This project was in development art Climax Entertainment, with a PS2 version too, but sadly neither versions were ever released and the new Stunt Driver vanished for unknow reasons.


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