Rebirth [GameCube – FMV Tech Demo]

Rebirth [GameCube – FMV Tech Demo]

Rebirth was a Full Motion Video presented at Space World 2003 that was created by Mix-Core to show the ability of the GameCube to replay high definition videos.. and to have proof of some of it’s technological power. Keep in mind that before the GameCube, there was the Nintendo 64, that used carts as media for the games and with limited memory it was not possible to have such kind of quality footage. It seems that a small part of the video was running in real time on the GameCube hardware, proving the good graphic that the console could have recreated in the right hands. Even if there’s a bit of confusion on this project, Rebirth was never really meant to be a full game: it was just a “tech demo” to show that finally Nintendo had abandoned the limited cart format.



Rebirth Tech Demo Spaceworld 2000

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7 thoughts on “Rebirth [GameCube – FMV Tech Demo]

      1. smsbeta

        Right now i can’t say if it’s real time or not. Well if i’ll have more Info, then i’ll let you know..
        BUT, answer me something, why is there a short “Trailer” for a Tech-Demo that wont be released and not shown anyways??

        1. monokoma Post author

          maybe it could have been a “demo” to show what it was possible to achieve on the system, as wrote in the description of this page, with the Nintendo 64 many developers were not happy about the lack of disc-space and they were not able to use FMVs in their games.. just a theory! :O

          1. smsbeta

            But i think thats a good theory and it could be real.
            May i ask you something about the Video i uploaded ( i mean that trailer)?

            1. monokoma Post author

              sure! :D i will also add it to this page, but i need some free time to add more info to the description too..

  1. smsbeta

    Oh thanks ^^
    well that was just the answer to my question, i wanted to ask if you could add it :D i’ll look for more like this and i’ll keep posting to this site ^^

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