Gekido: The Dark Angel [PSP – Cancelled?]

Gekido: The Dark Angel [PSP – Cancelled?]

The developer of Gekido, NAPS Team, announced that a second sequel (or the actual sequel itself) was in development for the PSP, titled Gekido: The Dark Angel. A few screenshots and a trailer have surfaced, but as yet the PSP title has largely gone unnoticed, without much information. The release date was projected to be Christmas 2006 but to no avail; most likely a publisher has not yet accepted the game, it is still in development or cancelled. There are no new info on the game from a couple of years. The teaser-trailer for Gekido: The Dark Angel resembles anime-like characters and a character named Samuel with looks that seem to have been inspired by Dante from Capcom’s Devil May Cry.[Info from Wikipedia]




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2 thoughts on “Gekido: The Dark Angel [PSP – Cancelled?]

  1. monokoma

    I think that the developers had some problems, maybe went bakrupt, because they had some interesting games in the works, as that other GBA game, but they just vanished without any more info.. NAPS Team are italian, i have tried to contact them, but no luck.. maybe i’ll try again

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