Power Crystal [M2 – Tech Demo / Proto / Cancelled]

Power Crystal [M2 – Tech Demo / Proto / Cancelled]

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15 thoughts on “Power Crystal [M2 – Tech Demo / Proto / Cancelled]

  1. Ross Sillifant

    Power Crystal’s developers, Perceptions, became an early choice to be a 3DO M2 developer because of the teams track record (everyone taken on had to have a major game to their credit-although exceptions were made for 2 team memembers) and because co-founder Andrew Whittaker had worked on Jaguar AVP, which was one of 3DO’s favourite titles!.

  2. Ross Sillifant

    Screens you see here were done using a early M2 development kit, which only had 1X Power PC Chip, final version was to use 2 and perception were told the 2X chips would run at least twice the speed the PowerPC chip they were using so far ran at, but even on the early kit, game was seen running at 60 FPS, every in-game object would of eatured Goiuraud shading, been effected by sunlight, shadows etc.

    Power Crystal engine was also being used on an un-named 3D puzzle game and a 3D tank-Shooter called Flagfight (working title).

  3. Ross Sillifant

    Game actually started out under codename of ‘Artemis’

    Once Jaguar AVP was finished, Andrew Whittaker left Rebellion and joined with John Taylor to form Springer SpanielSoftware.

    The team’s first was what Andrew has classed as ‘a revolutionary, fantasy role-playing game’ planned initally for PC CD ROM and had a planned release date of early ’96 with conversions to:Jaguar CD/Playstation and Saturn by end of ’96.

    These plans changed when 3DO gave support and the game underwent a transformation as did the company.

  4. Ross Sillifant

    I’ve seen this game, in it’s original, Artemis form, crop up online on various sites listing it as a Lost Jaguar CD game (janatari.de etc)

    But that’s really streching it as it’s no more a Lost Jaguar CD game than it is a Lost PS1 or Saturn title, as like i said earlier all 3 of these versions were only planned and would’nt of been started until the PC CD version was finished.

    So, Artemis is nothing more than a lost PC CD game that switched formats and ended up a revamped title and became a lost 3DO M2 title.

    How much of the original design concepts for the PC CD game remained in the 3DO M2 revamp i’d love to know, but no, you cannot class this a Lost Jaguar etc title IMO as it’s not like it was signed, coding started or game itself even finished on original planned format.

    It’s streching the claim way too far and wide.

  5. Ross Sillifant

    Um, you are aware some of the more ‘Eye-Candy’ screens your using here (and appeared in UK Press at the time) are mock-ups?.

    All rendered in 3DS and done in a higher resolution than actual 3DO M2 game would of run at.

  6. monokoma

    From: http://www.siliconinvestor.com/readmsg.aspx?msgid=811435

    Preview of POWER CRYSTAL for M2 (Feb 6/97)

    Following the completion of Alien vs. Predator for Jaguar
    , Andrew Whittaker left Rebellion (the company which
    developed it) and joined John Taylor to form Springer
    Spaniel Software, a new development outfit.

    At that time, Whittaker had in his mind a new and, as he
    saw it, revolutionary orthogonal RPG. The original
    project name was Artemis. A PC version was expected
    first with 32-bit console versions to follow, but when
    3DO (which at the time still owned the M2 hardware
    rights) extended some support, the project underwent a
    transformation as did the company.

    Whittaker became the managing director of a new
    development team called Perceptions. The game itself
    changed from an orthogonal design to a complete 3D
    realm and the name was changed to Power Crystal.
    Whittaker was completely floored by the M2’s hardware
    (which at that time possessed only a single PPC 602 CPU
    as compared to the dual processor set-up it now
    possesses). “M2 really is the single finest piece of
    hardware we’ve worked with. Its power will hit the world
    of entertainment software like a tidal wave.” said
    Whittaker. “To call it a quantum leap forward is such a
    gross understatement that it does it injustice.”

    At this point in time, Power Crystal is one of the few
    known M2 projects being developed in the UK. Take a
    look at today’s Special for more M2 information.

    From: http://assemblergames.com/l/threads/list-of-all-m2-games.11454/

    “On a side note, the game “Power Crystal” is lost forever, sadly. :-( Still need to get in contact with Andrew Whittaker, but it’s unlikely that he has something left. The programmer which I talked to hadn’t, and since the dev systems went into liquidation and are long scrapped, there’s virtually no chance that something survived. ”

    From: https://stiggyblog.wordpress.com/2012/06/01/panasonic-3do-hits-the-desk/

    “Yep, great post. I was part of the Perceptions development team creating ‘Power Crystal’ for the 3DO – M2, it was pretty amazing for the time. Shame the M2 died before release…”

    From: https://archive.org/stream/ng_unedited/ng_29_unedited_djvu.txt

    Every object in Power Crystal will feature Gourard shading and will be
    affected by sunlight and shadows, which is a breeze for the M2

    Miles of game area have been put together using single tiles. A contour map
    converts the data into tables. All the graphics are 3D polygons except lamp
    posts, bushes, and birds which are implemented as sprites

    around six months perfecting their
    skills. Once mastered, however,
    Whittaker insists that it’s a
    programmer’s dream. The majority of
    Power Crystal is being created in C
    using M2’s own compiler, while the
    polygon graphics are created using 3D
    Studio and 3D Studio Max. The only
    part of the game written in assembly
    language is a small section of the 3D
    engine, though even that is mostly in C.

    From: http://twvideo01.ubm-us.net/o1/vault/GD_Mag_Archives/GDM_June_1997.pdf

    Matsushita wants its M2 machine to be a major RPG platform. It recently showed off a M2 RPG, POWER CRYSTAL, from U.K. devel-opment house Perceptions. The screen shots alone should spark many fans’ inter-est in RPGs on the M2.
    Interplay and Sierra are planning several big RPG products, too. Sierra has DAEMON ISLE and BETRAYAL AT ANTARA, and Interplay
    has a major AD&D product, IRON THRONE, that will be launched online.
    The RPG category benefits from larger storage capacity on consoles. The demand for persistant and interactive worlds and
    perhaps just a general pendulum swing back to deeper titles is also helping the genre’s popularity. In any case it’s interest-
    ing to note how important the specific RPG titles are to a number of heavyweights.

  7. Ross Sillifant

    The Next Generation Mag.text seems nigh on identical to wording that UK equiv.magazine EDGE, had, along with those Fake/Mocked Up higher resolution M2 images.

    M2 would of been an interesting platform, for a while at least until Dreamcast eclipsed it….

    Read on Atari Age the other day that in Ps1 Tempest X’s hidden T2K cheat mode there’s a message saying a version of Tempest 2000 was ported in part to the M2, just for fun of it, now that i’d loved to of seen running.

    Also going from what World Tour Racing Jaguar CD coder has said in online interviews, M2 would of been far more impressive than what Atari’s Jaguar MK 2 would of been (coder talks of rival systems planned for same time, which really brings M2 into play).

  8. Hazy

    In issue 92 of GamesTM (Oct 17) there’s an interview with Jane Whitaker (Andrew’s real name) where he states that Power Crystal was “finished and got 100% reviews in Edge and stuff like that”. Hmm I think he’s mistaken to be very generous to him.

  9. Ross Sillifant

    As an avid Edge subscriber right up until the PS4 era, there was no such review and Edge scores are out of 10, not 100…

    He must be confusing it with something else, understandable given amount of titles worked on and number of years passed.

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