Ironblood / Racing [M2 – Tech Demos / Protos]

Ironblood / Racing [M2 – Tech Demos / Protos]

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9 thoughts on “Ironblood / Racing [M2 – Tech Demos / Protos]

  1. person

    oh and that Racing game was actually completed and there is one known proto of it in the hands of a collector. He has also made some videos of him playing it :)

  2. eSPy

    M2 Iron and Blood Cancelled

    One of the premier M2 titles, Iron and Blood from Take 2 and 3DO has been cancelled.

    Originally started as a joint M2 project between 3DO and Take 2, the title has since been migrated onto the PlayStation and the Saturn.

    Recently both parties, 3DO and Take 2 have agreed to cease work on the project. Take 2 was compensated for the development that had taken place thus far.

    The cancellation of this project, and the rumored cancellation of other projects at 3DO itself, can only help to add credence to speculation that the M2 is in trouble.

  3. eSPy

    Iron and Blood Enters Console Arena – EXCLUSIVE- 7/11/96

    After securing the AD&D Ravenloft license and undergoing a name change from Iron and Blood, Take 2 is nearing completion of its graphically beautiful fighter.

    As shown some months ago in Next Generation magazine and on Next Generation Online more recently, Iron and Blood is a fantasy fighting game with a very ambitious design and beautiful graphics.

    Acclaim will be publishing the title this fall for PlayStation and a Saturn version is also in development and expected to hit store shelves by year’s end.

    Here are a few screen-shots to tide you over until the more extensive coverage in this October’s Next Generation Magazine.

  4. Ross Sillifant

    the demo tape featuring the D&D-style
    monster fight and the racing game were fakes… excuse me, simulations,
    created using Alias.

    The animations were based on a set of theoretical rendering speeds,
    which were later shown to be tremendously optimistic when actual silicon

    Still, the numbers we did get out of BDA were pretty damn
    impressive; 300K polygons/sec in a typical case (2x N64), 500K if you’re

    Leo L. Schwab –

    THOSE* demos! You mean the ones with sailboat in the lagoon
    and Bossie the cow (actually a hermaphrodite; it had horns *and* an udder)
    behind the cyclone fence? I had completely forgotten about those.

    Yeah, those videos were generated using a software simulation of
    the BDA chip. They were extremely legit, and in fact the Bossie-behind-
    the-fence demo was ported to real hardware, and worked precisely as
    advertised. I don’t think anyone ever got around to porting the sailboat
    program; the people who wrote it were immersed in more important things by
    the time real silicon showed up.

    Leo L. Schwab
    Studio 3DO

  5. Ross Sillifant

    The 3DO mag article pointed out the Saturn version was only considered.

    It was rejected due to Saturn being difficult to develop for and performing poorly at retail.

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