Silent Hill 3 [Beta / Unused - PS2 / PC]

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Silent hill 3 is a third-person survival horror game developed for the PlayStation 2 and PC by Konami and later released in HD on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Here is a list of the following unused beta textures and sounds found on the PC game disk of SH3.

1) Closer monsters have an unused climbing animation.

2) Nurses have an unused animation that shows the nurses attacking upside down from the ceiling.

3) Unused Baby crying sound

4 & 5)  Unused photo: Found only as a texture, it was originally meant to be in Heathers inventory, found in the apartment. In addtion to the unused photo there is some unused text attached to the photo, text only seen when the player examines said item:

“It’s of Dad and me at Christmas. Looking at this makes me want to try even harder. I have to…I can’t lose. They killed my dad and they have to pay for it.”

6) Finally there is an unused level. While only seen in the video below this article, it shows the level to be unfinished. Orignally meant to be part of the Mall?

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5 thoughts on “Silent Hill 3 [Beta / Unused - PS2 / PC]

  1. John Doom

    Event if I never played the game, I noticed that written on those walls at 3:13: “ここ (koko)”. It should mean “here”. Maybe it was a test texture used to let the developers know that there was something important there lol

  2. cameron


    The closer animation was not in SH3, but it was in SH2. The closers appeared in SH2 as creatures that climbed under the floor in certain areas. The climbing animation appeared in SH2, but was scrapped in SH3.

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