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Metal Gear Solid [PSX - Beta / Pilot Disc / Tech Demo]

Metal Gear Solid [PSX - Beta / Pilot Disc / Tech Demo]

Hideo Kojima began to work on a sequel of Metal Gear 2 in 1993, although he was still finishing Policenatus. The game was going to be released for 3DO, and very early artworks were included in the pilot disk of Policenatus. In 1995, however, the development shifted to Playstation and Saturn.


Metal Gear 3, now called Metal Gear Solid , was finally showed to the public at the first edition of the Tokyio Game Show (1996). The prototype is very different aesthetically  from the final build: Snake looks younger, the hud is much more cartoonish, the items have odd names, the graphic engine is still primitive. The basic outline of the story seems to be pretty similar, and we can even see the REX, but Foxhound still lacks Decoy Octopus.

Another beta was presented at the TGS 1997. It is the same Mgs that we love or hate, but Kojima was still changing things around. Many items still have different names, Snake fights with the Ninja in the corridor, the radar is strange looking and active even at boss fights, Snake’s and guard’s vision cone is of another color, blood is different, the life bar is huge and not located at the upper left side of the screen,  Snake has a kick combo that will be inserted only in MGS2 and he can moving crouched, the infrared rays in tank hangar weren’t implemented yet, Snake removes the safety pin before launching a grenade, Meryl seems to fight more often and she recharges his gun with bullets from his.. cleavage.  The camera  appear to be fully controllable, but  maybe it was only the developers showing off the engine. The same can said for the all shooting scenes, even if is possible that originally there was more emphasis on action.

There were even rumors of a Nintendo 64 version, but its existence was never confirmed. An alpha build of Mgs saturn is said to exist,through. Of course, at the end Metal Gear Solid was released only for PSX and PC.

Also, John Doom found some differences between the final version of MGS and its Pilot Disk (SLPM-86098): check the last video below to see them!


Some magazine scans from DarkMirage, on X-Cult Forum


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10 thoughts on “Metal Gear Solid [PSX - Beta / Pilot Disc / Tech Demo]

  1. Chris (The same one, 11 months later!)

    I was just rewatching and… in the 1997 E3 Video… Snake has an extremely high number of rounds?

  2. John Doom

    If you look closely to the first video, you’ll see that Snake can walking crouched (maybe only in alert fase). And you can also lock on the enemy (at 0:53) like in mgs3: in fact Snake fires while he’s walking back (and in mgs you can only fire firm or while moving forward)

    Sorry for my horrible English xd

  3. John Doom

    Monokoma have a look pls!! I found some level map script text in the file STAGE.DIR. Some script are in japanese (transliterated I think)

    Err Err Enemy Reset Num Err CALL KOREKADOOOOOOOOOO!!
    doll voice[%d]
    doll proc[%d]
    climb area 0
    climb area 4
    climb area 3

    Err Err Liquid Near Err!!
    Pad rec start
    Err Err Change Root Num Over !!
    Err Err Change Defend Num Over !!
    meryl KILLED !!
    snake KILLED !!
    Asiato Mikke !!
    nokezory end!!
    nanno otoda!!
    tadano hakoka
    kono asiatoha??
    kinoseika !!
    haitini modoruzo!!
    kottida !!

    I wonder if someone could make a level editor of MGS :)

  4. KibaXSama

    it’s awesome, specially the proto version, but the diferences in the last video, everytime you start the game it have a different angle of camera, it’s not a diference between the versions

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