Union Entertainment

Deep Rift [PS3 – Prototype]

Deep Rift was a prototype for an action adventure based in a flooded city, that was in development by Union Entertainment. Due to a lack of publishers’ interest, it seems that Union’s PlayStation 3 title did not go into full production. It’s currently unknown if this could have been related to their new Zero G project, a game that should be adapted as a film soon.

20th Century Fox has picked up the rights to Union Entertainment’s sci-fi thriller video game concept “Zero-G” says The Hollywood Reporter. The game, which is still in production and created by Daniel Jevons, revolves around a major U.S. city being attacked by a devastating, never-before-seen weapon.

Another game concept, titled Backlight,  should also be in development at Union (as reported by Variety) but it looks much different from Deep Rift.

Thanks to Mox for the contribution!