Trilobyte Inc.

The 7th Guest: The Collector (Trilobyte Inc.) [PC – Cancelled]


The 7th Guest (1992) and sequel The 11th Hour (1995) are among the best quests ever. In 2003, Lunny Interactive and Rob Landeros (one of the authors of the first series) decided to bring the classics back to life and announced the third part of the game with the subtitle The Collector.

As it turned out, during the silence of the developers, the millionaire maniac and lover of luring people into houses full of traps, Henry Stauf did not give up his soul to God. He even managed to found a museum of ancient artifacts somewhere in the wilderness of Europe, after which he moved there for permanent residence. The player had to take a walk around this museum, solving puzzles made by Strauf and bypassing the traps he had set up. At first, the work went quite briskly, but by 2004 the project had quietly died.

However, Rob Landeros was not discouraged and decided to try to bring the project to release. He relaunched the studio and started two crowdfunding campaigns: one on Kickstarter (in 2013), and on Crowdtilt (in 2014). But, alas, they both failed.

Some information is taken from «Игромания» magazine, 03 (114) 2007