Tigon Software

Saboteur [PSX/PC – Cancelled]

Saboteur is a cancelled action game that was in development in 1998 / 1999 by Tigon Software for the Playstation and PC. You can read the original press release below:

Saboteur is a fast paced combat adventure game, which fuses genres and gameplay styles. It is a game that embraces new concepts and new production values whilst holding onto solid game-play values of older classic titles. It is not a fighting game, nor is it only an adventure game.

Saboteur will be the first arcade adventure game to feature a full on 3D fighting system (complete with high/low defending and grapples). It embraces the complexity of 3D fighting games and adds multiple opponents.

You play the part of Shin Ienaga, trying to avenge the death of your grandfather and rescue your sister from the clutches of the evil G.E.N.E Corporation. The action is viewed from a third person perspective and involves a variety of combat, puzzle solving and exploration. It matches a strong story line to proven genres (action adventure and 3D combat) and adds its own spin of magic, ninja style.

Saboteur’s most unique feature is the introduction of a second character on the player’s side. Shin is joined in his quest by Shiro, his faithful hound, who follows him wherever he goes. Shin is able to command Shiro to either attack enemies or give assistance in tricky areas of the game, by retrieving objects or helping to solve puzzles. Due to his advanced senses Shiro is able to give advance warning of approaching or hidden danger, however there is a price to pay if you don’t look after him.


  • Strong story line and plot development with emphasis on Ninja main character.
  • Refined Combat System within third person perspective. When in combat Shin operates on a different plane and automatically locks-on to the nearest attackeCombat includes: hand-to-hand, swordplay, and weapons (throwing knives, guns and clubs).
  • Use of second character on player’s side – a largely computer controlled dog Shiro. Shiro is a powerful weapon in a fight and also a useful navigation tool in the game world.
  • Wide range of characters (30+) each with their own set of unique moves.
  • Sophisticated enemy AI, enemies learn your fighting style and adapt their defences to it.
  • Variety of locations with over 20 levels spread across five huge game worlds.
  • High technology – motion capture, single skinned objects, true object dynamics.

Thanks to Andrea Cogoni for some of these images!