EggHead Shred [N64 – Proto / Tech Demo]

EggHead Shred was rumored to be a prototype for a N64 skiing game by Paradigm Entertainment, where the player could have took control of Paradigm’s mascott, Egghead, a weird egg with “punk” hair. There are not many more details about this, but EggHead was shown with an interactive video at SIGGRAPH 1994 / 1996 (?) where the audience controlled the game with a motion sensing technology.

The people in the room were able to move their hands left / right, up / down and get a corresponding movement with the image on the screen. You can read more about this show at the Cinematrix website. The game was never released and probably it was just created as a tech demo for the SIGGRAPH show and it was not really meant to be a Nintendo 64 game.

As we can read from BW Online, Paradigm Simulations created the game as an offshoot of defense work. Also, as noticed by Hibana, EggHead Shred was featured on the Nickelodeon variety showU to U” in the mid-1990’s:

“Egghead Shred” by Paradigm – This game had the audience playing a punk-rock “Humpty Dumpty-like” character as he skied his way down a obstacle-laden slope of frying pans and vicious forks (no kidding!). The stunning graphics were produced by a host of Silicon Graphics Reality Engine-based workstations while the audience utilized the Cinematrix IAP as the control interface.

It would be nice to find a video from this U2U episode to see Eddhead in motion.

Thanks a lot to Gilgamesh, Zach and Hibana for the contributions!