Naughts & Crosses

Naughts & Crosses [SNES Special System]

Naughts & Crosses is puzzle game for the Super Nintendo, that was assumed  to be cancelled, but it was later found out that the game was added in special SNES systems for Airplanes and Hotels.  As Evan G From SNES Central has wrote in the U64 Forum:

I found out that Naughts and Crosses is not really an unreleased game! The game was designed for this SNES system used in airplanes. Nintendo used to have a website for the system, and there were a couple of other games made for the system (the only one I can recall is Hangman). Unfortunately, I didn’t bother to save the website describing the system, and it will likely be lost forever.

As OfAnAwesome as added in the same topic:

Naughts and Crosses, along with Hangman, are in commonly in SNES hotel units.

Thanks to SNES Central for these images!