jungle bots

Jungle Bots [N64 – Cancelled]


A cancelled FPS game for the Nintendo 64, with animal-robots. Jungle Bots was meant to be published by  Titus  and developed by Conceptual Realities / Navigator Entertainment. It seems that the game was never completed and was canceled in mid-development by Titus. The development was pretty tricky, the polygon and texture budgets were extremely limited due to the cartridge format and the target ROM size was only 32 MB.  The company that was working on the game had never made a game before and previously they had  only designed and built theme park attractions. The staff wasn’t really prepared for the game making process and some wrong decisions by management ultimately caused the company to have to shut down and the entire staff was laid off.

Thanks a lot to gilgamesh for these screens and informations and to Vaettur for the logo!