Bomberman Hero (Ultra Genjin) [N64 – Test Map]


In the Youtube Channel of runehero124 there’s a video from a nice Bomberman Hero test-map. From the description we read that: “This code was originally discovered by Icy Guy from the RareWitchProject forums. So give him full credit. I rediscovered it a couple years later, but noticed that it had been found before.”

From an interview at GDRI we found out the design of Bomberman Hero is an adaption of the concepts for the cancelled Ultra Genjin:

GDRI: What happened with Ultra Genjin [N64]?

Ultra Genjin was being planned during the game industry’s transition from 2D to 3D games. I studied the practical aspects of this quite a bit, but I think that nobody really knew what should be done with games at the time. As a result of trial and error, we were able to adapt the design for Ultra Genjin to Bomberman Hero.

A little more information about Ultra PC Genjin directly from Shouichi Yoshikawa site:

PLATFORM N64/ 32M ROM (HUDSON/ Project stop )
MY TERM JUNE 1995. to DEC. 1995.
MY CHARGE Planning & 3D Graphic tool mastering
CONTENT After the project stop, this planning was transfered to “BOMBERMAN HERO”

Thanks to Celine for the contribution!