Action Forms

Adventures of Captain Wrongel (Action Forms) [PC – Cancelled]

Ukrainian studio Action Forms, known for such projects as Chasm: The Rift, Vivisector: Beast Within and Cryostasis: Sleep of Reason, in 2005 released Treasure Island, based on the 1988 cartoon of the same name.
The project was warmly received, despite the very short duration and the feeling that it was more of a Demo. And no wonder: the developers primarily wanted to transfer the cartoon itself to PC monitors, and they succeeded. Some time later, the studio wanted to do the same with another cartoon – Adventures of Captain Wrongel.

The plot was not to be repeated from the original. The developers also, as in Treasure Island, intended to tell their own story. Along with the yacht “Beda” and the already familiar Captain Wrongel, XO Lom and Sailor Fuchs, the game was to feature other, entirely new characters. The genre also changed: now it was no longer a 2D platformer, but a full 3D quest.
The journey itself began in Holland and passed through Europe, Africa and even Antarctica. The game boasted a variety of situations from yacht races, puzzles, and other mini-games to memorable humorous scenes.

Unfortunately, during the development there were problems, the game was announced in 2006, but the postponement pushed the release date to 2009, after that the project was over.
There are also rumors that in 2011, the studio also wanted to make a game based on the cartoon “Mowgli” (1973), but they could not, because the company was taken over by Tatem Games. There are almost no materials on the network on the project, so the information can not be confirmed for sure.