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Nero Zero [Hasbro VR – Cancelled]

Nero Zero is a cancelled first person virtual reality game that was in development by 3D Creations and KATrix for the unreleased Hasbro VR console. The Hasbro VR was meant to be a “Home Virtual Reality System” for which the company invested $40 million, but because of the increased competition in the home-gaming market, Hasbro decided to terminate work on their new console.

There is not much info about the Hasbro VR or Nero Zero beyond an over-ambitious description of the game from an old press release, found at The Strange (and Rare) Videogame Pics Page:

(Nero Zero) It takes place in the far future on a distant planet ruled by an evil tyrant named Nero. It offers a combination of several areas of gameplay, including a first-person perspective, a labyrinthine 3D world to explore, high-speed racing with hover-chariots through twisting tunnels, and an advanced fighting engine for one-on-one swordplay. Using sophisticated neural net technology, the computer controlled opponents in the game actually learn from the player’s fighting style, and require progressively more involved strategies to defeat.

Thanks to Celine for the contribution! Thanks to Jason for the english corrections!