Beta and Cancelled Videogames: an archive to preserve info, screenshots and videos for those games that were cancelled or maybe released with many differences between their original concept and the final version.

Unseen Games Articles: a collection of editorials and deeper analyses about the changes in the development and the cuts that many of our favourite videogames had to endure before their release.

Unseen Changes in Videogames: the differences between the japanese version and the American / European versions of various videogames, that were changed before being published in other countries.

How to Help Unseen 64: a list of simple things-to-do that you could follow to help us to preserve the history, the changes and the cuts in the gaming development.

Unseen 64 Forum: the community of gamers that love to talk about cancelled and beta games, to research and disccuss about all those titles that we’ll never be able to play.

About Unseen 64: the history and the evolution of this website, from the early html archive in 2001 to the current blog form.