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The King of Cosplays [Neo Geo Pocket – Cancelled?]

The King of Cosplays is a cancelled RPG that may have been in development around 1999 – 2000 by Viccom, possibly to be published by SNK for their Neo Geo Pocket. This is quite the strange and previously unknown game, but our friend and Korean-gaming expert Sam Derboo found a short article about it in Korean Game Power magazine (July 2000 issue):

“The King of Cosplays supposedly in development 1999~2000 at Viccom, NGPC RPG where your characters get stronger the more convincingly cosplay as SNK characters”

Could Viccom and SNK really have been working on a Cosplay-RPG? While the concept sounds weird, we know there were quite some strange / original titles on Neo Geo Pocket, such as Dark Arms: Beast Buster, the “SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters Clash” series, Biomotor Unitron and Ganbare Neo Poke-Kun. Also as noted by Sam, “Viccom is known to have cooperated with SNK on several levels (development support / training for Fight Fever, NeoGeo distribution in Korea including NGPC, ties to The Real Kim Kap-hwan) so it’s not completely incredible.

At the moment this scan is the only proof we have of the existence of The King of Cosplays. Could this have been a Game Power magazine inside-joke? While we may never know the truth, for sure it could have been quite the amazing niche RPG if ever released. If you’ll find something else about this mysterious NGPC game, please let us know.

Thanks to Sam Derboo for the contribution! 

Magician Lord 2 [Neo Geo Pocket – Cancelled]

Magician Lord 2 is a cancelled sequel for ADK‘s sidescrolling action game, that was in development for the Neo Geo Pocket. When SNK released his handheld system Neo Geo Pocket in 1998, its historic ally ADK started to work on the new platform. ADK thought to resume one of its past franchise: Magician Lord.

A sequel was already in development in the mid nineties exclusively for Neo Geo CD (alongside Crystalis 2) but it was eventually canned. The NGP game was a direct sequel of the cult Neo Geo title, with Elta (the original protagonist) that could morph in even more creatures than previously, although game mechanics looked more oriented toward a Metroid/Castlevania type of gameplay.

Unfortunately even this time Magician Lord 2 and another NGP game, World of Heroes, was never released because ADK went bankrupt in early 2000. Recently an alpha version of Magician Lord 2 which was available to the japanese press got unearthed thanks to Puyo/Gamekult.

For more details (in french) read the article on Gamekult.