If it Happen [Dreamcast – Cancelled]

If it Happen [Dreamcast – Cancelled]

If It Happen is a cancelled horror adventure game that was in development by Fujicom around 2001 – 2002, planned to be released on Dreamcast. As reported by IGN the game was officially announced in Japan in June 2001, and it was mentioned in a few Japanese magazines such as Dorimaga, but soon it vanished with not much ever being shown. In 2021 The Dreamcast Junkyard found a trailer for “If It Happen” hidden as an unlockable video in another Fujicom game titled “Bokomu no Tatsujin”:

“[…] there is a shop in this game that lets you purchase appliances for your home such as a computer, an air conditioner and – most importantly here – a television. Once you eventually pony up the cash for this TV you can view both the Bomber Hehhe and this horror game trailer on it.”

The style of characters and the hotel / mansion shown in this trailer looks similar to other japanese horror adventures such as Clock Tower or D. Unfortunately there are no details about how it would have been played, but we can assume players would have explored the mansion, escaping from evil mannequins (?). Dice covered in blood were somehow part of the story.

If you find something else about If It Happen in other japanese magazines, please let us know!



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2 thoughts on “If it Happen [Dreamcast – Cancelled]

  1. Hakhan Dakharan

    I asked TheMajinZenki over at the Akurasu discord to translate this for me. So this is what he translated.

    An old hotel outside the city has a new custodian…
    This is an interactive drama, and within this setting a mysterious story unfolds.
    There are many short scenarios containing fear, dangerous traps, and madness.
    This is not a normal building!!

    Thanks to TheMajinZenki and Akurasu by extension for translating this one

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