SuperBot’s “Rival Schools” [PS3 – Cancelled]

SuperBot’s “Rival Schools” [PS3 – Cancelled]

SuperBot Entertainment was an American studio formed in 2009 by Sony, to work on PSP, PS Vita and Playstation 3 exclusive games such as PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, released on November 2012. Unfortunately after the release of All-Stars Battle Royale, Sony cut ties with the company due to “inadequate sales” of the game. In 2013 SuperBot tried to pitch new IPs and worked on a few different projects, one of which was an untitled fighting game inspired by Capcom’s Rival Schools.

We don’t have many details about this cancelled fighting game: it was never officially announced and only some concept art remain preserved in the gallery below, to remember the existence of this lost game. We can assume that it would have been played more like a traditional fighting game than a Super Smash Bros clone, with high-school protagonists using weapons and special powers. In the end they never found a publisher interested in this project and it was quietly cancelled.

Then SuperBot had to work on “CuddleFish Friends”, an edutainment game for kids published in late 2013 for iOS and Android. Unfortunately this was not enough to keep them alive and soon the company had to close down.


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One thought on “SuperBot’s “Rival Schools” [PS3 – Cancelled]

  1. Vince

    That’s a shame they closed down when they did. It they lasted a little longer, maybe they could’ve gone independent and made another fighter like, say, Arika nowadays with Fighting EX Layer, or Sirlin Games with Fantasy Strike. Just a couple more years and they would’ve been in that modern place where anyone can nab Unity or Unreal and get to work on something and put it out independently.

    PS All-Stars was disappointing, but mostly due to it’s terrible lineup. Mechanically though, it was super-solid. That studio showed they understood fighting games and had a ton of potential. Plus, there’s just not nearly enough American studios make fighting games (it’s just, what? NetherRealm, Double Helix/Iron Galaxy, and MAYBE Kung Fu Factory even if it’s been a long time since Girl Fight released). I would’ve liked to see them make their own IP at least, maybe not Rival Schools – I get where Capcom’s coming from in that it’s too important to hand to a studio like Superbot that had yet to really prove themselves (much like when Capcom shut down Backbone Entertainment’s pitch for Street Fighter Flashback).

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