Three unreleased PlayStation games appear on eBay

Three unreleased PlayStation games appear on eBay

We received details about a few interesting unreleased PS1 / PS2 games that recently appeared on eBay. A couple of these are English versions of Japan-only games which existence was unconfirmed until now, while the third one is a completely cancelled flight combat sim (Update: “Iron Eagle Max” was released as “Side Winder Max” in Japan, thanks to Ozzy2k for the info!):

Every blue moon, something truly special appears on eBay that is undeniably incredible. In this instance, not one, not two, but THREE incredible items have popped up. One unreleased PSX game in final form, and two PS2 games!

PANZER FRONT BIS: Panzer Front Bis. is a follow up to the acclaimed Panzer Front game. Only released in the Japanese language, Panzer Front bis. now has a full and final release in the English language:

You can find the eBay auction listing here.


POLAROID PETE: Polaroid Pete is the canceled and unreleased English translation of the critically acclaimed Japanese game “Gekisha Boy Gekibo 2”, which has garnered cult classic status.

The game was preserved online on in 2020 thanks to Alon Faifer!

You can find the eBay auction listing here.


IRON EAGLE MAX: Iron Eagle Max is an unreleased fighter pilot flight sim. Gameplay has a complete and polished feel. The only information we were able to track down about this game is an old article, cementing it’s legitimacy as a press review disc.

You can find the eBay auction listing here.

The eBay seller has a shop full of other very rare video game memorabilia and betas as well.

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10 thoughts on “Three unreleased PlayStation games appear on eBay

    1. dizzzy

      So let me get this right, it’s a scam because they were bought low and and selling for higher?

      Most of these betas were a sunk cost purchase. All you’ve done is shown that you are inept and understanding basic facts, such as the Micro Machines doesn’t match retail code:

      I’m sorry your mother never gave you much needed attention and you have to slander to get it.

      1. Demon

        Oh wow, this is pretty messed up, but one of the reasons I no longer hang around public preservation sites

        From reading this pastebin link, It says “possibly” scammed and from looking at your room when that link was first posted in multiple preservation groups chats I had to dig up my old discord and look and saw the images were real. Weirdly, tonight I logged in and I’ve been removed? rather weird but no big loss seeing as I didn’t even use that Discord nor hang around most sites now.

        The main points are, You sold two discs which are different to known copy’s. That PS2 disc is meant to have the logo printed from what pastebin guy said, I saw two copy’s on AssemblerGames a few years back, a review and a preview. There’s multiple copy’s of that.. hell whoever posted that pastebin link shared the same iso you’re trying to sell a disc too. That 360 disc had artwork on but on eBay it’s missing. Did you have two copy’s? or was it burned onto a new disc. (not trying to attack just trying to get this clarified.)

        Now the real issue that I find, you want to leak stuff 6 months after selling it so a buyer cannot dispute/file negative feedback that’s a scam in my eyes.

        The preservation movement has been ruined by people that overprice things, or scam.

        Also, Looking at your eBay one of those games has severe bitrot/damage including part of the data layer being missing. Are you 100% sure that’s dumpable as I’ve seen discs with less damage being totally ruined. Myself having a 360 disc looking fine and being dead, even a PSP DVD.

        I find it super funny seeing as those discs will have been sold four times once those eBay discs are sold. I was offered those exact discs nearly 4 odd months back but no longer buy stuff, your prices are also way too much I feel. PS2 auctions rarely hit $100 these days unless joblots which you may have seen with some of yours. Normally reviews go for around $30/$50 and previews go for $60/$150 if best. Many are way overpriced which is half the reason preservation is at risk because the real people in preservation aka the museums cannot afford them.

        If you care about preservation, I highly suggest talking to a museum and maybe donating to them.

        Good luck with what ever you choose.


        1. another user

          >Weirdly, tonight I logged in and I’ve been removed? rather weird but no big loss seeing as I didn’t even use that Discord nor hang around most sites now.
          dizzzy’s reasoning was that they were concerned that you were hanging around for roms in the requests channel. Holy fucking shit.

          1. Demon

            Month late to this, but who cares.

            1, Isn’t the name of the group Video Game Preservation Collective not “We love scamming collectors” ? Meaning if he’s worried about roms being shared why have an open group? Isn’t the whole point to preserve and share stuff?

            2, All stuff shared ends up on the web anyway, Why’d I be interested in this stuff when I’ve got game developers driving hundreds of miles to deliver prototypes and hardware to my door?

            3, It’s now been proven that Dizzzy has been scamming. Some of the discs on ebay have been dumped and released without credit to the buyers.

            4, Buying and then reselling discs for high margins and then scamming those buyers out of private data isn’t the way to go.

            5, What has Dizzzy done for the community that’s good and not harmed people?

            I may not be public much anymore but I’ve released loads of betas for free, not even reselling the discs or asking for donations.

            I was the first person to dump Wii RVT-R discs without Wii hardware or dangerous discswapping means, even sharing the data for free, I got people working on getting Wii RVT-H hardrive dumping possible. I’ve gotten data recovery tools for Xbox 360’s written, I’ve had tools for the PS3 written that can recover deleted data.

            I don’t ask for donations, or money as preservation should be about getting content out asap not trying to raise money for your next Dinner.

            Selling stuff then leaking the data which is no longer yours is wrong. It’s upto the buyer if they want to share, not the seller. If the seller wishes to share before fine but tell the buyer it’s out there as this drops the value.

            Talking about waiting 6 months so buyers can’t charge back is scamming plain and simple and it’s people like Dizzzy that give preservation a bad name.

            @Ross Sillifant’s comment is 100% correct and true and preservation is at risk from people like Dizzzy, burning off a fake and slapping it on ebay leads to people buying fakes which damages the value of real prototypes.

            Harassing developers is stupid, and people like this should be ashamed of themselves.

            This is why a few months back I forced the closure of ObscureGamers, which I used to own, It attracts too many kids and too much drama. I then started a new group with museum workers and people who actually care about preserving the data and making sure it’s done properly and researched. Since doing this we’ve had many huge finds, and not once did we have to beg people for donations and then make a profit from them. It’s a disgrace.

        2. DukeNukem

          Donating to a museum is absolutely not preservation, don’t understand how you see it that way, private collectors are the ones over charging for games not the other way around and also the ones responsible for many games being lost forever.

    2. RonaldRegan

      The way i read it is Protomaniac is butthurt he lost out on these betas and is throwing unproven accusations, of course they won’t match when you don’t dump with proper hardware. These games deserve to be preserved and shared and not hoarded in some collectors vault to die.

  1. Ross Sillifant

    The preservation scene is attracting an awful lot of drama these days and it’s little wonder sites are dying out.

    Taking EBay auctions out of the equation just for a moment, we have misinformation being spread like wildfire, thanks to people presenting false information on titles like Lomax, Croc 3 etc.

    Information being falsely reported when taken from sources and spread elsewhere..might exist becomes does exist.

    Claims of code in hands of nudge nudge, Wink Wink contacts…

    People going back on claims they are in possession of Roms as they have plans for them which they don’t yet want to make public..

    Industry people claiming they will look for code on servers or back up disks etc without any real intention of doing so,this creating false hope.

    Industry folk being hounded to find and share code after they simply suggest it might still reside somewhere in their house etc.

    Industry figures using interviews to present a more attractive idea of why games never appeared than what actually happened.

    It’s getting harder and harder to archive material due to all the above and a lot more.

    So much is being lost with people passing away as is, you’d of hoped the community would start pulling together to help preserve what remains.

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