Monster Knight [PS2 Concept – Cancelled]

Monster Knight [PS2 Concept – Cancelled]

Monster  Knight is a cancelled third person action-rpg developed by Insomniac that was supposed to be released for PS2. The game was never officially announced, but its design document, created in 1999 and which contained the concept arts that we can see below, was shown to IGN in august 2012.

From the few info available about it, Monster knight was probably a mix between Zelda and Pokemon: in fact, the player main’s objective was to explore a large world and capture the various creatures that he encountered.

However, in this game monsters could  be acquired also by negotiation or after pursuing and catching them, and they were used by the player not as fighters but as equipment or transport. Every creature had a particular class, growth pattern and personality.

For more information check  IGN article .



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4 thoughts on “Monster Knight [PS2 Concept – Cancelled]

  1. Maik Thiele

    Developer: Insomniac Games
    Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
    Genre: Action

    A planned project for the PlayStation 2 by acclaimed game design studio Insomniac Games, Monster Knight was the first post-Spyro project (before “Girl With A Stick”) proposed for Sony Computer Entertainment’s advanced console. The game would have been a character-based 3D action/adventure game combining platform gaming elements with a strong story and character development. Gamers would play as an acrobatic feline Monster Knight character named Madi who must collect and use Monsters to maximize her physical prowess.

    This game was cancelled in development.

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