Iratan Supremacy [Jaguar – Cancelled]

Iratan Supremacy [Jaguar – Cancelled]

Iratan Supremacy is a cancelled 3D fighting game that was in development for the Atari Jaguar by Level 7. The project was meant to be a mix between Killer Instinct and Virtua Fighter, but soon it was canned because of the failure of the console. Celine was able to find a target render of one of the Iratan Supremacy’s characters  in CD Consoles magazine #13, while some more artworks were found by the JagWare community.


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5 thoughts on “Iratan Supremacy [Jaguar – Cancelled]

  1. Ross Sillifant

    Wonder if work ever started on any actual coding?.

    Most likely they saw the Jaguar had bombed at retail and nothing much got beyond these target renders and sketches, but it’d be nice to find out more.


    Ok, here’s some background info that i’ve found about the game while surfing for a long time on the net so here we go:
    Iratan Supremacy, like it’s stated here, was going to be a 3D fighting game by Level 7 Software inspired by Killer Instinct and VF. It was in development in 1996, almost months before the system’s discontinuation so who knows if the code of the game still lives. The game also had plans to include a network mode for 2 players, either using the Jag-Link or ICD’s Catbox. I don’t know who was the artist responsible for the characters but I DO know that the owner of the Jagmod Credits Database website WAS THE FIRST person in posting the artwork online and not the JagWare forums, which is erroneusly stated on the article. I’m done with my apport for the article :-)

  3. Ross Sillifant

    The article never makes any claim with regards to who found artwork 1st.. Just where some credits a site where it could be found:

    ‘Celine was able to find a target render of one of the Iratan Supremacy’s characters  in CD Consoles magazine #13, while some more artworks were found by the JagWare community.’

    1. KGRAMR

      Thanks to JagMod at AtariAge, i now know who’s the one who drew the artwork for the characters but the rest of his name is still a mystery…The artist is called Troy. Here’s the link where JagMod posted the artwork:
      He actually got it from a eBay auction years ago where the seller was actually a former employee of Level 7 Software. I may have the email where he was being recruited for the job somewhere on my computer…

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