Revolution 4 [PS3 – Cancelled Prototype]

Revolution 4 [PS3 – Cancelled Prototype]

Revolution 4 was a PlayStation 3 prototype, which was developed by Sony Cambridge in 2006. The central idea for this game was a first-person shooter set in the UK facing a War of the Worlds-style alien invasion. Soon after pitching this concept the team learn that Resistance: Fall of Man was in development at Sony America featuring an alien invasion of the UK in a first-person shooter.

The game would started with the player (playing an “everyman”-type of character) on their way to work in a busy London high-street as the invasion starts in King’s Cross. The player would have to navigate through the ensuing chaos as buildings collapsed around them and people were incinerated.


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One thought on “Revolution 4 [PS3 – Cancelled Prototype]

  1. Vicente

    in the 6th screen, the hand position and pistol are from Half Life 2.

    Also it kinda resembles Half Life 2, when the combine invades the earth, and in the beta there was a enemy which was meant to incenerate bodies.

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