Heavenly Sword 2 [Cancelled – PS3]

Heavenly Sword 2 [Cancelled – PS3]

The original Heavenly Sword is an action game developed by Ninja Theory and published for the PlayStation 3 in 2007. In 2008 Sony Cambridge was working on a sequel, Heavenly Sword 2, that was cancelled in early development. As we can read on Wikipedia, according to Ninja Theory co-founder Tameem Antoniades, the story for the sequel was already been written; in fact a whole trilogy was being planned.

On May 2008, Ninja Theory’s IT Manager “Peonic” announced that a follow-up to Heavenly Sword by them would be extremely unlikely due to their decision to pursue opportunities within multi-platform development:

“We’re not abandoning HS just on a whim because we want to go off and do something different – there’s a great huge raft of reasons behind us taking the direction we are – and it’s also the nature of the business that I’m not allowed to share any of those reasons with you. As for the ‘you’re just not doing HS2 NOW’ comments – well one thing you learn in this industry is that you never say ‘Never’. So I’m not going to say we’ll “never” go back and make HS2 – but it’s something I personally see as extremely unlikely.”

Nevertheless, since Sony retains the IP of Heavenly Sword, there is always the possibility of production on a sequel being outsourced to another developer in the future. Only a few artworks from Sony Cambridge’s cancelled Heavenly Sword 2 are saved below, to preserve its existence.


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8 thoughts on “Heavenly Sword 2 [Cancelled – PS3]

  1. John Doom

    lol This game shouldn’t exist because of the original plot, in the first place! Unless it was to be set somewhere in the middle of the first title.

  2. PhysicsLibraryFan

    They should of continued the game. Of course not everyone will like the game but that’s common sense. Not everyone likes iron man or the hunger games game. Still, this wasn’t a bad game and it could have been continued. They put a considerable amount of work into it and to see the H2 go to waste because of quote, “nature of the business”, and undisclosed reason(s) is such and inadequate reason and response as to why they won’t release another version. Is stupefyingly ridiculous they would make another sequel and say, “screw it” I’m not making (releasing) another one because I’m just not making enough money off the first one but I’m just not gunna tell anybody… What should we think? They won’t tell us. Undisclose-ment. GMAB…

  3. shashlaTulip

    I agree phys. I’m a fan of the game HS myself. I think they’re lying. They probably didn’t make a sequal and just tagging us along with faulty art. They probably ran out of money and the nature of business took a turn for the better, for them. I want to know what’s with the contradictory statement? Either you will publish the game or not!

    Given how the game ended, how would there be a sequal if It is???

  4. PhysicsLibraryFan

    Same here but they won’t do it. Either its a money problem or something else. We live in a world where without money, you have by definition, Nothing. Wouldn’t be surprised if it was for the money.

  5. BlaiseBlaze

    So you mean to tell me that HS developer(s) BUST THEIR ASS to make the first and second HS and now they are sayin’ screw it? WTH!?!

    Loved the game tho.
    Loved hearing talking while playing!

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