Orpheus [PS2 XBOX – Prototype]

Orpheus [PS2 XBOX – Prototype]

Orpheus was one of many cancelled prototypes /concepts for games that french studio Darkworks worked on during 2003/2004. It appears as if Darkworks could not find a publisher and the title was abandoned. Instead, they started to work on I Am Alive for Ubisoft, before the publisher decided to move the development to Ubisoft Shanghai. Sadly we don’t know what kind of gameplay could have been planned for Orpheus and only few concept arts remain, to preserve the existence of this project.

Thanks to Dorwaks for the contribution!


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2 thoughts on “Orpheus [PS2 XBOX – Prototype]

  1. Jack

    Shame there’s no details about it. I’m getting a real “dark third person action-adventure” vibe from it – like Soul Reaver or Primal. I like the art style here too, as it’s very graphic novel-y. The one character that appears to be an android girl is pretty cool too.

    Between this and their Oneechanbara game, Darkworks’ pitched but-never-produced titles seem much more interesting than the stuff they did that actually got released (no offense to Cold Fear…. mostly offense to the lame I Am Alive)

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