Mobilesuit Gundam [WonderSwan Color – Cancelled]

Mobilesuit Gundam [WonderSwan Color – Cancelled]

In 2001 Bandai announced Mobilesuit Gundam for WonderSwan Color. However the game concept, known during production as “the Net Gundam“, first concept was in 1997 when developers at Bandai started to think to create a Gundam game designed to work over the Internet. was a strategy game that allowed gamers to play as a soldier for the Republic of Zion or the Earth Federation and engage fights in operation plans announced every week by server-side so to battle with other humans online. Over the time you could even become a leader of your chosen side.

The online component was guaranteed through the WonderGate, an add on that allowed the WonderSwan to access to NTT Docomo network, or through a special cartridge to connect with a PC (see image below). This interesting title, the first multiplayer online game for a dedicated handheld system, was planned to be released in autumn of the same year but seems the concept was far too ambitious so Bandai quietly cancelled the project.


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4 thoughts on “Mobilesuit Gundam [WonderSwan Color – Cancelled]

  1. Arla

    Loved how ambitious some of these developers were back in the day. I’ll never understand how Nintendo went from Satelleview to last place in online.

  2. RhuBarb

    What are those strange bubble glasses in the pic? are they 3D?
    Everyone seems to be watching a demo as no-one is touching the ‘keyboards’.
    The kid in third center is so bored he is picking his nose.
    Those glass monitors look futuristic for 1997, and ps2 connectivity? wow howz that work?

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