Cruis’n Exotica [Beta – N64 / Arcade]

Cruis’n Exotica [Beta – N64 / Arcade]

As we can read on Wikipedia, Cruis’n Exotica is the 1999 sequel to Cruis’n World and the third entry in the Cruis’n series by Midway Games. The levels take place in exotic locations in the universe, such as Las Vegas, Thailand, and even the surface of Mars. The game also allows a player to choose a driver visible onscreen during races, including a martian, a baby, a clown, and a cowboy. The game was ported by Gratuitous Games and released on the Nintendo 64 in 2000.

Butterhands found some beta screenshots, that you can see below. There are 2 cars that are missing from the final version, and the car with the 2 girls is the Modbuggy, but is not faithful to the final versions. Also in the Ireland track there were cows are in the street! You could certainly have been able to hit them.

If you know someone that worked on this game or if you have a prototype with these differences, please let us know!


cruis'n exotica beta
cruis'n exotica beta
cruis'n exotica beta
cruis'n exotica beta
cruis'n exotica beta

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11 thoughts on “Cruis’n Exotica [Beta – N64 / Arcade]

  1. TheLastMachine

    OMG I want that car with the pool in the back SO BAD!!! why do game betas always look better?! >:O

  2. jackmap

    I know that in the Arcade version there is a train in one of the tracks (I think it was India) but it is missing in the N64 version… :-(

  3. Butterhands

    Yeah, Exactly, the India track is the worst track in the Nintendo 64 porting, because the OST of the track is unported, the train is missing, the censorship of the holy cows and the other animals, the shitting elephant and the oasis with another elephant (the same of Cruis’n World in the Africa track) are missing and the trucks are only 1 and in the incorrect position of the track, and other animated (in the N64 version are statics) elephants are moved into incorrect positions and there is a bug that do slide the car like if you have hit a rock! Is just before the four elephants before the end of the track… The India track is really poorly done…

  4. TheLastMachine

    lol no I’m not italian :P
    Also, gotta hate Nintendo and their censorship -.-‘
    Last time I checked, the arcade version was really buggy on MAME, but maybe they fixed the rom now or something. The Nintendo version was fun but kinda disapointing if you played the arcade one first :P I remember the Las Vegas track totally blew my mind on the arcade.

  5. Butterhands

    Unfortainly the arcade version is unplayable on the MAME, the game is of the 1999 but today still doesn’t work fine, the graphic is still bad. And all the 3 games of the Cruis’n series don’t work in full speed in every PC, you must have 3,5 GHZ of CPU for play them in full speed, is shameful, are games of the ’90 years! Damned MAME! And damned censorship, again the porting is incomplete, also are missing the different colors of the cars, is shameful!

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