Star Blade: Operation Blue Planet [Arcade – Cancelled]

Star Blade: Operation Blue Planet [Arcade – Cancelled]

Star Blade: Operation Blue Planet is a cancelled arcade on-rails shooter that was being developed by Namco. It was supposed to be a sequel of the first Star Blade, originally released in 1991.  A proto of the coin-op was playable at Amusement Machine Show in 2001, but the game got quietly canceled, probably because the cabinet was too expensive.

Star blade cabinet

Star blade image

The cabinet was known as “Over Reality Booster System” (ORBS). Its main feature was a special lens that projected a 180 degree image in order to create a very immersive experience for the player.

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6 thoughts on “Star Blade: Operation Blue Planet [Arcade – Cancelled]

  1. Aybe

    I remember playing the first Starblade about 15 years ago at a now defunct arcade … It was the version with the huge cabinet, price was 20 Frs which would equal 4 plays of a regular (cabinet) game. In that place (in Paris) there was also the Ridge Racer cabinet with the clutch. Memories !!!

  2. Anonymous

    That cabinet looks like an early prototype to the Gundam arcade game released by Namco/Bandai. That also features a wrap around screen and you sit inside the arcade cab.

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