Vampire Circus [N64 – Prototype]

Vampire Circus [N64 – Prototype]

Vampire Circus was a Gauntlet-like type of game full of vampires and zombies planned for Nintendo 64 by Zed Two who started working on it in 1996. The game was designed so that you controlled just a single character out of the five in the party, and the others would be under AI control, although you could switch which of the five you were controlling. Each had different skills and abilities, so there was good reason to swap your control between different characters, and it was also possible to lose members of your party to the vampire hoard, so you could only control members of the party that remained alive.

Zed Two got quite far with a playable prototype but when Infogrames took over Ocean, who originally struck a two games deal with the developer (the other one was Wetrix), they forced the team to work with Warner Bros properties they just bought at a great expense. The promising project was thus morphed into the less ambitious Taz Express.

All information and artworks are courtesy of Pickford Bros official website.


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2 thoughts on “Vampire Circus [N64 – Prototype]

  1. Ross Sillifant

    Game was born out of the Pickford Bros kicking ideas around for simulating water, fire and other elements in game technology, Water came 1st, tech demo proved so much fun and they needed a deal badly, they produced a game around it, Wetrix, then hoped to return to Vampire Circus later….

    This was never to be as Warthog bought Zed Two in 2002, then closed a year later :-(

    1. monokoma

      The Pickford Bros are great, so many interesting ideas for games.. and they are also super nice too, they often replied to questions with many info about their old games :)

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