Zzyorxx II [Jaguar – Cancelled]

Zzyorxx II [Jaguar – Cancelled]

Zzyorxx II is a cancelled shoot ’em up that was in development by Virtual Xperience for Jaguar.
The game run at 60 fps and had planned 5 different ages to go through from Prehistory to Star Wars ( passing through Middle Ages and First World War ).
As Rodolphe Czuba , programmer at Virtual Xperience, recalled over at MyAtari.net

Two more games were in development:

  • Zzyorxx, a great shoot-’em-up!
  • Indy Jag, a platform game.

The first was stopped two months before the end of the development by my managing associate at VX! A real shame. Only some graphics were done for Indy Jag, a concept like a humorous Indiana Jones with a jaguar figure.

Scans from Cd Consoles issue 5 and 13.


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Un bugiardaccio senza più estro né talento.

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16 thoughts on “Zzyorxx II [Jaguar – Cancelled]

  1. Ross Sillifant

    I’ve always wanted to know a lot more about this game.

    I 1st heard about it in a Jaguar Preview in ST Format, but they had it down as ‘Zozziorx’ and quoted a M.Schembri as saying the Jaguar version looked like the Atari Falcon version, but used over 256 colours, had 3 parallax scrolls and used more sprites.The other game they had in development was Indy.Jags….

    So, very possible confusion over names crept in within the translation etc but there was also an Atari Falcon version?

    Lot more to be found perhaps….

  2. R

    The source code may still exists, i found that out on a old interview with one of the programmers behind the game.

  3. Ross Sillifant

    Hopefully it can be saved.

    Inital press release backed up earlier claims..256 colours,GPU running 3 layers of parallax scrolling, game to be mix of horizontal and vertical scrolling set over 6 levels.

    Developer also planned a Galaxy 3/Starfox type game for Jaguar CD

  4. Ross Sillifant

    Chasing up a lead here but friend of mine thinks he spoke to coder a while back and barely 2 levels of game had been finished..

  5. Ross Sillifant

    Given there were so few screens doing the rounds, it’s unlikely game was as complete as we’ve been lead to believe.

    My source looks to buy and release unfinished games so he must of been dissapointed to hear game was not as complete as expected.

    1. R

      I still doubt it because i know someone who worked on the game and may have the ROM on his hands, again because i want to protect his privacy i won’t say his name.

  6. Ross Sillifant

    Yep soon as anyone has suggested they might have old Atari code stored somewhere, they’ve been bombarded by demands they find it and release it.

    Rubbed a number of UK coders up the wrong way and puts them off talking further about lost games.

  7. Ross Sillifant

    Totally understand need for privacy, but vague hints that a programmer played it don’t give much to go on.

    How much of game was playable?.

    Did he get an idea of how far along game was in development etc?

    Basically have you anything that can back up claims made in interview or by Piko interactive?.

  8. R

    One person may have this game along with the unreleased Nexus for the Jaguar…but i’ll leave that up to you guys…

  9. Ross Sillifant

    It’ll be Piko if anyone, Jaguar has had ample resources devoted to finding out what happened to annouced games and basically had its time in the sun, Piko are at least looking for viable projects to bring to the Jaguar, but in terms of lost games research, many of us are leaving the Atari scene way behind, looking instead to wrap up existing C64, PC, PS1, PS2,PS3 claims.

    Just had a supposed Ex-Psygnosis staffer PS1 claim quashed and even an Amstrad GX4000 claim various UK mags printed quashed, another Elite software find on C64 etc.

    Sites looking elsewhere and other than a handful of misc Atari games, none of us are really looking anymore, existing documentation archived yes, but it’s Piko doing the investigation work now.

  10. R

    I can’t remember it for the life of me but there’s actually a english preview of ZzyorxX II on a magazine. Oh and by the way, Piko doesn’t have the game, it’s somebody related to Super Burnout (who aslo has Nexus). Piko is sadly focusing on ST-to-Jaguar conversions…

  11. KGRAMR

    Ok so here’s what i’ve been able to find about the game. Here we go:
    ZzyorxX II was a Axelay-esque shoot ’em up by Virtual Xperience that was in development since 1994 and planned for release in 1995 and it was going to be published by Atari. It was going to feature multiple locations from time, since it seems that the plot involved time-travel aspect, with 6 level to boot. It looked promising by the screenshots and the only people that knew about it’s existance was the team at Shen, in fact, Nexus could be considered a brother game to this title since it had similarities to each other, sadly it was canned along with Indiana Jags. Besides Rodolphe, Thierry Schembry also worked on the game (he has some of the rest of the game) and, based on a french interview that was done with him, Elysée Adé has the game’s source code along with Nexus’ source code as well. Let’s pray that the 2 will come foward and at the very least dump the games’ ROM online someday….

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