Zzyorxx II [Jaguar – Cancelled]

Zzyorxx II [Jaguar – Cancelled]

Zzyorxx II is a cancelled shoot ’em up that was in development by Virtual Xperience for Jaguar.
The game run at 60 fps and had planned 5 different ages to go through from Prehistory to Star Wars ( passing through Middle Ages and First World War ).
As Rodolphe Czuba , programmer at Virtual Xperience, recalled over at MyAtari.net

Two more games were in development:

  • Zzyorxx, a great shoot-’em-up!
  • Indy Jag, a platform game.

The first was stopped two months before the end of the development by my managing associate at VX! A real shame. Only some graphics were done for Indy Jag, a concept like a humorous Indiana Jones with a jaguar figure.

Scans from Cd Consoles issue 5 and 13.


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Un bugiardaccio senza più estro né talento.

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2 thoughts on “Zzyorxx II [Jaguar – Cancelled]

  1. Ross Sillifant

    I’ve always wanted to know a lot more about this game.

    I 1st heard about it in a Jaguar Preview in ST Format, but they had it down as ‘Zozziorx’ and quoted a M.Schembri as saying the Jaguar version looked like the Atari Falcon version, but used over 256 colours, had 3 parallax scrolls and used more sprites.The other game they had in development was Indy.Jags….

    So, very possible confusion over names crept in within the translation etc but there was also an Atari Falcon version?

    Lot more to be found perhaps….

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