Zzyorxx II [Jaguar – Cancelled]

Zzyorxx II [Jaguar – Cancelled]

Zzyorxx II is a cancelled shoot ’em up that was in development by Virtual Xperience for Jaguar.
The game run at 60 fps and had planned 5 different ages to go through from Prehistory to Star Wars ( passing through Middle Ages and First World War ).
As Rodolphe Czuba , programmer at Virtual Xperience, recalled over at MyAtari.net

Two more games were in development:

  • Zzyorxx, a great shoot-’em-up!
  • Indy Jag, a platform game.

The first was stopped two months before the end of the development by my managing associate at VX! A real shame. Only some graphics were done for Indy Jag, a concept like a humorous Indiana Jones with a jaguar figure.

Scans from Cd Consoles issue 5 and 13.


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12 thoughts on “Zzyorxx II [Jaguar – Cancelled]

  1. Ross Sillifant

    I’ve always wanted to know a lot more about this game.

    I 1st heard about it in a Jaguar Preview in ST Format, but they had it down as ‘Zozziorx’ and quoted a M.Schembri as saying the Jaguar version looked like the Atari Falcon version, but used over 256 colours, had 3 parallax scrolls and used more sprites.The other game they had in development was Indy.Jags….

    So, very possible confusion over names crept in within the translation etc but there was also an Atari Falcon version?

    Lot more to be found perhaps….

  2. Ross Sillifant

    Some fantastic news…

    Clint Thompson and colleagues will be putting this on display at the JagFest Midwest Classic Gaming event..it’s very early code and as such all that all you can do is shoot and kill 3 different enemies in the first 15 seconds then it’s just sailing out into space endlessly. …

    But even so this is fantastic news and our thanks go out to all those involved in bringing this to the community.

      1. KGRAMR

        Could be the build that was shown in DieHard GameFan’s November/December issues, which shows a very basic-looking HUD or the one shown alongside with Indiana Jags on Joypad Issue 34 but either way it’s a great find by Clint and John Hardie of NVM :-) I do hope the demo gets dumped online after the event :-D

    1. KGRAMR

      Frederic Moreau did a great interview with Thierry Schembry! He now runs the Old Computers museum though… ;-)

    1. KGRAMR

      You beat me by posting the link to the video XD but anyways, this could be the build shown in GameFan around November or December of 1994, as i’ve seen the font used on the PI and PII score keeper (and they were the very first ones to preview the game) :-)

  3. Ross Sillifant

    I didn’t realise it was a competition.

    It came as a notification from Clint’s YT channel.

    I watched it and shared the link.

    My thanks go out to Clint for sharing this with the community.

  4. Ross Sillifant

    Actually. .I asked Clint IF it was the GameFan build..He says it’s not.

    At best it’s one of the earliest, if not the earliest build.

  5. Ross Sillifant

    Developer talking more on Atari and the Jaguar.

    Excuse poor translation:

    It’s true that the Jag had a poor 68000 at 14 MHz and that a lot of games have been hit just right on the 68000 without using the GPU and DSP.

    On the JAG 2 (it existed!) there was a 68030, but at first they Wanted to take care of the 680×0 and make the Jag boot on the GPU and Force publishers to use JAG resources!
    But now they’re afraid that no more games are coming out because you had to
    All redo: No more question of just repumping a source of Amiga, ST or
    Sega! A solution had been envisaged by VX to make a compilationo C GPU

    If I remember correctly.. and Atari Corp did not want to help us in this way!! As usual!
    In short, again and as we see well with the story Atari ST and The range that followed… (STE…), Atari has always been totally and Shamefully slave and dependent on a repositories that it was necessary for all Prices turn on the next machine, rather than innovate at the level
    Hardware and lead a serious developer policy so that new Products can come out on new hardware!!!

    In fact, at the blow of the pot to have seen to be a bunch of budding encoders At the ST for the first two years (85 to 87), the software history of the Atari ST is a disaster!!!

    And the success of the ST is not from Atari and its policy developer Crappy and dismal, but to pioneers of that era who have Decarcassed in code, hard and journalistic articles to learn how to Generation that was coming….
    Without us (the pioneers who had a ST from the beginning and often an XL Before!), Atari would have gauffré much faster!! No help, no promo and marketing errors that have followed and
    Incompetent in the subsidiaries (!!!) and when little by little the ranks of the Pioneers began to shrink (leaving for other horizons and Often too dégouttés tools and helpers from Atari Corp!!), and Ben Atari at began to plunge as they saw nothing coming so slumbering on their
    A success they were only by far the actors!!!
    Well yes when the actors are pulling, the play stops!!

    Finally for what it’s used to talk about the Jag today! …….
    I have one and I have not used it for a long time and the only games that
    I thought good are DOOM and ALIEN vs. PRED.
    The last time I rekindled it I was horrified by the slowness
    DOOM has better perelli on that side….
    That said I do not play on PC either… or console: There is only the Arcade and
    Its super machines that still excites me…

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