Current U64 situation and future

Current U64 situation and future

Hi everyone! Now it’s already some months that we update the site every few days, instead than daily as before. This was decided because the main U64 Staff does not have much free time anymore (university, job, family, etc.), but we love to preserve info about beta and cancelled games, so we just slowed down the updates instead than stop them at all. Right now we have scheduled updates already prepared till half of 2012, so even when we are super busy, U64 will still automatically update itself! The joy of scheduled posts :)

What do you think of the current U64 updates schedule? We have some more changes in the waiting line (as the alphabetical order for the archived posts), but if you have some suggestions for the site, they are all welcome! With the feature that lets everyone to add new articles to the U64 archive or to edit old pages, we are also getting a lot of help from visitors and that’s great (but remember that every edit and addition is reviewed before being published, so it could take some days).

Also, we would like to thanks our new sponsor, Black Friday Deals, with their support we now should have enough to pay for the Unseen 64 server for all 2012! They have a big list of gaming deals, so try to check them out, maybe you’ll find some cheap games :)


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10 thoughts on “Current U64 situation and future

  1. kermit

    Keep up the good work. I know how it is juggling life with running websites, so it’s mucho appreciated what you guys get done :)

    Continuously sending friends in this sites direction to let them be “woo’d” with all the great “what-ifs” and “if only…” stories this site provides with these lost gems and pre-release games.

  2. monokoma

    Thanks to everyone for the support! Maybe in the future there will be someone else with more free time that will take the lead of the site, so we’ll be able to go in pension ;)

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