Tales of Legendia [Unreleased for the GameCube]

Tales of Legendia [Unreleased for the GameCube]

The “Tales” series is very popular in Japan and other countries in the world. There is lots of versions from many consoles, such as Playstation, Gamecube. However, there is a version that never have been released for Gamecube. It is supposed to be a sequel of Tales of Symphonia. Here is a scanned picture from a Brazilian Magazine called “Nintendo World”, which talks about it.


-Scan taken on the Issue 66, February 2004, from Nintendo World, page 13.-

Translation by joaowojcikiewicz and help with some old grammar errors by KooPako:

“Sequel to Symphonia (Tales of Symphonia – GC)

RPG to Gamecube will have a sequel

Namco doesn’t stop. Just after releasing Tales of Symphonia, elected as Gamecube’s best RPG of 2003 by specialized game sites, Namco announces it’s sequel. Tales of Legendia will be the sequel of Symphonia, its plot takes place years after the events of the original game ( symphonia ). the game will also feature a Multi-Linear Battle system. (a mix of elements of RPGs and fighting games in battles), with 3D simulated graphics. Namco also revealed that the game will have connection with the new game of Tales which is being developed to GBA. More information in the next issues.”

NOTE: The magazine never came with more news about Tales of Legendia in the next issues.

The game would also connect with Game Boy Advance. Connecting with an another “Tales” game that was not announced on this article. It could probably have E-cards with special items for the game, or use the Game Boy Link to play Multiplayer or something.

There is no other informations about this game.

In the day August 25, 2005, Tales of Legendia was released for Playstation 2.

Thanks to gabrielwoj for making the article, joaowojcikiewicz (for translating the Portuguese article) and KooPako (for helping with grammar) for the contributors!

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3 thoughts on “Tales of Legendia [Unreleased for the GameCube]

  1. Ultimecia

    Actually I believe this “announcement” was a mistake on the part of the magazine itself.

    You see, back then the “Tales of” series wasn’t much popular outside Japan, specially on Brazil which have even a smaller RPG community than USA. The American publisher renamed “Tales of Eternia” into “Tales of Destiny 2” due to the popularity that Tales of Destiny had in hope to attract consumers, much like the Final Fantasy series (which the games are totally distinct between each other as you guys know pretty well).

    Tales of Legendia was released for the PS2 in 2005, including a US release and has nothing to do with Symphonia. Visually speaking it was closer to a “Final Fantasy VII-sque” models than ToS.

  2. Aurion

    I believe this is one of those cases of misinformation. Let’s remember that Tales of Eternia became Tales of Destiny 2 to attract consumers and avoid confusions; so whoever wrote the article thought that Legendia was meant to be Symphonia’s sequel, because it was also named “Tales of”. Am I explaining myself correctly?

    The GBA game is most likely Tales of the World: Narikiri Dungeon 2, released for GBA on January of 2005. I don’t know where did the “Legendia will connect to the new GBA game” came from.

    Narikiri 3 wasn’t localized tho.

    I don’t know how could this happen but there has to be an explanation as to why the writer wrote that…

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